Braskem confirms gasoline production required by ANP

Braskem announced that it is ready to comply with the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). The request sets international quality standards for the production of a new gasoline, which will be marketed in national territory, and enters into force from this month. In this way, the ANP requires higher standards of performance fuel.

Braskem, in addition to stating that it is ready to deliver greater quality in ordinary gasoline, also announced an important expansion in its portfolio of chemicals, with the production of premium gasoline for the Brazilian market. The product has high octane and can be used in any automotive vehicle, in particular those with high-quality engines Performance. Also according to Braskem, the new standard of ANP is correct in wanting to deliver to customers and society a gasoline of higher quality and efficiency. "Increase requirements such as octane and mass will allow the Brazilian consumer access to a fuel of performance and performance, being more efficient," says Cyril Vieira, director of Braskem's Fuel Business.


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