Brazil: 1st Resort fully operated with clean energy

Located in the Chapada dos Guimarães (MT), the Malai Manso Resort is the first in Brazil to operate fully with solar energy. Through the Eco Malai project, the Enterprise incorporated 6,616 modules of the polycrystalline model in an area of eight hectares.

The acquisition made the Malai autonomous, generating 350,000 KWH of electric energy and in addition to reducing the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere, cut about R $322 thousand monthly with expenses of this category. The investment worth r$8.8 million, predicts return in two and a half years.

"With this initiative, in addition to the financial economy, which is also important and necessary for any commercial enterprise, we take another step in favour of the ecological and sustainable principles that have always been the basis of Malai Manso. Our resort has been designed and built so that our guests feel part of the exuberant nature of the Mato-Grossense Cerrado and the completion and operation of our solar park is an important breakthrough for the region to continue to be preserved and these principles Be carried forward, "says Ricardo Gouveia, commercial director of Malai Manso.

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