Brazil can be no. 1 in the P&G sector in 10 years, ANP estimates

According to the director of ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels), Felipe Kury, Brazil must become one of the largest global leaders in oil production in 10 years. The statement was made during the seminar of the 16th round of bidding of exploratory blocks of oil and gas and the 6th round of sharing of the pre-salt production, which occurred in Rio de Janeiro, on Tuesday, 30. The reason is due to the advancement of productivity in the sector.

Kury sees the exploration processes with optimism and highlighted the collection of R $28 billion in signature bonuses with the sale of 72 blocks in the last two years. "It is a significant demonstration of the resumption of the oil exploration process in Brazil," he said. Still according to the director, the ANP intends to carry out three P&G auctions still in 2019, including the onerous assignment, scheduled to take place on November 6. The bidding of the 16th and 6th rounds is scheduled for October 10th and November 7th, respectively.

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