Brazil and China reactivate bilateral Commission

After a period of mistrust regarding the current Brazilian government, China decided to re-establish relations with Brazil and reactivate the bilateral commission. This is being possible due to several encounters occurring between the Chinese ambassador in Brazil, Yang wanming, and the government authorities.

The reactivation of Cosban (Sino-Brazilian High Level Commission) has already been settled between the two countries. The Commission, which was established in 2004, was suspended since the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, as it is chaired by the Vice-President of Brazil and the Deputy Prime Minister of China. When Michel Temer took over the presidency in 2016, Brazil ran out of vice.

Without Vice-President, China did not accept Itamaraty’s suggestion that Brazil could be represented at the time by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Serra.

The meeting is scheduled to take place in June this year in Beijing. The organ, consisting of several commissions, is responsible for dealing with strategic issues focused on trades and investments. China is today the largest trading partner in the country: Only last year, exports to the Chinese surrendered US $62.2 billion to Brazil, and imports US $34.7 billion.

The main Brazilian exports are petroleum, the largest national treasure in the eyes of the foreign market. In addition to fuel, iron ore and soybean make up the sales volume to China. The Brazilian government, in turn, is interested in expanding the export agenda.

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