Brazil exports 7 million barrels per day of oil in 2027

From a survey made by Shell company, Brazil will be able to export 6 to 7 million barrels per day of oil in the year 2027. In the month of June 2018, the production reached about 2.6 million barrels (bpd), and the gas reached 115 million of m³/d.

For the Director-General of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), Decius Oddone, one of the biggest problems in the sector for the next few years is to accelerate investments, maximize the production and recovery of reservoirs, as this can  Attract more capable investors for each environment.

In the pre-salt area, larger companies are more correct and already in the offshore category, small and medium are the preference, besides the inclusion of specialists in exploitation and operators of mature fields. Decius recalled that on 28 September, the fifth round of bidding of production sharing in the pre-salt polygon will be offered, where the blocks of Saturn, Titan and Pau-Brazil, located in the Campos Basin, are to be available.

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