Brazil fears Bolivia will stop gas supply

The current Bolivian political landscape has worried Brazilian authorities. Today, Bolivia supplies about 30% of all gas consumed in national territory. In this way, the Brazilian government is fearful that the political crisis that has been taking place in the neighboring country may stop the supply of natural gas.

And apparently, fear is not in vain. After the waiver of Evo Morales, 200 protesters from the Movement to Socialism (MAS), party of the former president, paralyzed the natural gas production of the Carrasco plant, located in the department of Cochabamba, in a support action. In the same week, the Argentina was informed by Bolivian state-owned Company Yacimientos Petroleum Bolivian Tax Authorities (YPFB) that the current limitations of the Carrasco plant may affect gas supply in the country. Although the Bolivian Armed Forces have already resumed control of the facilities, the plant still operates with half of its Ability.

In addition, Petrobras’ director of institutional relationship, Roberto Ardenghy, reported that contractual gas import renegotiations between Petrobras and YPBF are paralyzed, however, assured that Brazil has at least six months of reserve Strategic. Despite this, however, the country’s main concern about the crisis in Bolivia is the possibility of stopping the supply of natural gas. For now, the impact on the national territory is nil, but the fear that political instability will lead to extreme actions in other fields is real – mainly due to the existence of fields operated by Petrobras in southern Bolivia.


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