Brazil receives R $10 million in investments of the company AZ Armaturen

With the aim of conquering new customers and increasing market share, the special valve manufacturer AZ Armaturen do Brasil has invested in the last years more than R $10 million in machinery and in a microfoundry unit of its own.

The acquisitions led to the expansion of the company's industrial park in Itatiba (SP), the launching of new products and services and the opening of units in South America. With these initiatives, the company managed to increase the pace of activities, as well as to conquer and maintain customers in search of solutions capable of guaranteeing greater competitiveness in the market.

Among other improvements, the investments of AZ Armaturen led to the readjustment of projects and the construction of new models of valves produced in its modern manufacturing park; The commencement of the provision of foundry services to the market; And the pioneering launch in the country of SIL certified male valves (Safety Integrity Level), which certifying the best engineering and safety practices throughout the design and life of the products. The company also expanded its operations with the opening of units in Peru and Chile, expanding its clientele in Latin America.

The company maintains project engineering in Brazil, which favors the sizing and customization of male valves according to the specific needs of local industries.


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