Brazilians bet on the American market for internationalization of products

Less bureaucracy to open company and dollar revenue are differentials that attract entrepreneurs. 

The United States is the world's largest financial powerhouse, and has become the protagonist when it comes to investing. The world currency is the dollar and this guarantees great stability for the entrepreneur. After the 2008 crisis, American legislation sought to minimise risk and market speculation, making the place a huge attraction for those who seek to invest with soundness and security.

And the possibilities are numerous, both for those who want to invest in real estate or start a new business. In addition, starting an economic activity in the United States is something relatively easy. The first step is to seek a consultancy so that a thorough tax study can be done, thus avoiding unnecessary spending. With this planning in hand, the next step is to trace what are the goals for short, medium and long term.

According to the lawyer specialized in international law and founding partner of Loyalty Consultoria, Daniel Toledo, to open a business on American soil just the passport, proof of address and a definite social object. "The cost varies a little. Companies that have retail focus cost around U $450 to $1200. Soon in the first year of activity the obtaining of bank loan can be a bit challenging, but over time, it is possible to achieve working capital with financial institutions, "highlights

Each state has its own rules, but in general, they are very similar. Therefore, the ideal is to start in the place where the entrepreneur has a greater affinity to reside and adapt, since there are no tax variations so large that justify personal discomfort.

The consultant explains that if the idea is only to internationalize the products, it is not necessary to open an American company. "It is possible to export a product to some company that is buying from some institution in Brazil, but if the idea is to be a distributor within the United States, it will have to formalize the business on American soil," Toledo alert.

The volatility of the dollar is also another factor that has attracted those who want to internationalize their assets. The presidential dispute that takes place at the end of the year promises to leave the Brazilian economy with more uncertainty. "This is one of the reasons why companies invest in other markets, also pulled by the solidity of the currency.  And the higher the quotation, as has been happening in the last few months, the higher the remuneration when converting to the real, "explains Daniel.

Generate revenue in different currencies and create strong receivables, ensures longevity. "Dolarizar a product or service is a way to escape the negative impacts of a regional crisis mainly for Brazilians, who suffers from the ups and downs of the economy. If these entrepreneurs were to internationalize their products, they would not suffer from the fluctuation of the economy because they could redirect these jobs to a market that is more promising, "he reveals.

To help entrepreneurs boost the sale of home goods, electronics or even industrial parts, Loyalty Miami has created a communication portal called Igot. The user will rely on the marketing of their product also on the largest online shopping platforms such as Amazon, E-bay, free market and others.  The site is an internationalization intermediary that covers Brazil, Latin America and North, Europe and soon Oceania.

Already in the segment of training and professional improvement of the Brazilians who move to the USA, Loyalty bought EBETEC, a school with courses that aim to disseminate the latest practices related to the financial market and business management. "Soon, we will be deploying units in Hollywood, Orlando, Jacksonville and other cities in Texas and Georgia," Daniel concludes.

 The lawyer has separated five tips for those who want to open company in the United States  

1. Seek guidance from experienced and professional companies that have demonstrated results in the market

2. Never put money in the account of individuals or companies

3. Always keep the financial or grant management to an investment bank

4. Analyze the risks of each project and seek to analyze it in a pessimistic way

5. Don't be fooled by attractive numbers. See the reality of the local market

* Daniel Toledo is a lawyer, founding partner of Loyalty Miami and business consultant. The professional was nominated for the second consecutive year to the "lawyers of Distinction Top 10% In the USA" award. Toledo also owns other titles, such as "entrepreneur standout 2017" and "Best Project 2017", in addition to being appointed one of the best experts in international law of the market by English consultancy INC.  

For more information, visit: Http:// or contact us by email @ loyalty. Miami or by + 1 (305) 988.2283. Toledo also has a YouTube channel with more than 55000 followers Https:// with tips for those who want to live, work or undertake in the United States. The company is now headquartered in Portugal and Spain.