Brazilians with dual citizenship can request stay in the USA via E2

Most of the countries of Europe are part of this treaty, with the exception of Portugal

The Brazilian is passionate about the United States. The proof of this is that the country occupies tenth place on the visa application for tourism. There are also those who wish to move on and start a new history in the country, but to do so, it is necessary to request a permission from the government to allow them to live, work or undertake in a legal way.

One of these possibilities is present in the E2 visa. The lawyer and specialist in immigration law and business consultant of Loyalty Miami, Daniel Toledo, explains that this modality was created so that citizens of countries that have Treaty of navigation and trade with the United States can work and live in the country With their families. "It is a visa for non-immigrants, however, temporary and granted, as a rule, two years or even five years. Much of the countries of Europe are part of this treaty, with the exception of Portugal "stands out. Almost all Mercosur countries, with the exception of Brazil and Venezuela Samba, are part of, among others in the world.

In addition to dual citizenship, the applicant must have an amount ranging from 120 to 150,000 dollars, in addition to the working capital and willingness to undertake and invest. "The complexity of this visa is present in the analysis of risk and business deployment, which is something totally subjective, because different from L1 or EB, in which the clearance is made based on documents, the conclusion of E2 involves interpretation, often fraught with Criteria, "evaluates Daniel.

Those who request this modality do not recommend investing in companies that are already profiting and active. "I often receive Brazilians who question the minimum to obtain such a visa or want to know whether it is possible to use the amount only after approval. Unfortunately, there are always those who think they hold countless rights and few obligations, so if the idea is to change for good, it is necessary, first of all, to put aside some old habits, "alert.

If the risk, the generation of jobs and the financial viability of the business are clearly characterized, the request may be denied. In the year 2017, the team attended 70 processes of E2.

Already structured and known franchises that are consolidated are also not recommended, only those who are starting their activities can be the object of this process by meeting the risk factor of deployment, the lawyer points out.

The professional who will present the process should make it clear that employees have already been hired, acquired equipment and stock, contract of Rent signed and that the proposed planning is being fulfilled. "It is not enough to submit to immigration the bank statement with the necessary amount. It is necessary to have a shop, company or commercial point, demonstrate management capacity and mainly demonstrate that part of the investment has already been effectively realized, "he points out.

Another option also valid within the criteria of E2 is to bring an existing company in Brazil to the United States. "Our team has already attended more than 60 customers in recent years who have made this option and used this modality instead of the L1 visa because they did not want to be linked to Brazilian headquarters," concludes Daniel.

In order to prevent this situation, those who fall into E2 can start a new activity without being legally linked to the previous one. In this way, it is possible to open other units including selling several other franchises in the USA.

* Daniel Toledo is a lawyer, founding partner of Loyalty Miami and business consultant. For more information, visit: Http:// or contact us by email @ loyalty. Miami or by + 1 (305) 988.2283. The specialist also has a Youtube channel with tips for those who want to live, work or undertake in the United States. And company now has headquarters in Portugal and Spain.


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