and specialized companies accredited by the National Petroleum Agency make oil re-refining

The keyword that has governed the society for years is sustainability. The concern with the environment and with the way we explore the resources of our planet has been cause for protests and conventions around the world. Campaigns are created for preservation and consumption of water, deforestation, air pollution, but we ended up not giving due attention to a product that is extremely harmful to the environment: the OLUC (oil lubricant used and Contaminated).

Each litre of OLUC thrown erratically has the potential for contamination of a million liters of water, because the oil prevents the oxygenation of the water. As a basis for comparison, the pollution generated by the disposal of 1 t/day of OLUC to the ground or watercourses is equivalent to domestic sewage of 40000 inhabitants, not to mention, the combustion of oil generates waste gases harmful to public health.

According to the national environmental Council (Conama), the only way to remove the environment these highly polluting waste and give the correct destination is the re-refining. The chemical process transforms the OLUC in basic high-quality mineral oil with characteristics similar to those of the first refining. However, the OLUC collection, can be made only by accredited companies at the National Agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP).

The Fenix, Lubricant company located in the city of Paulínia, São Paulo, is accredited by the ANP, and makes the OLUC collection in more than 9000 stations scattered throughout the country.

The collection is made in posts, oil change centers, shops, transport, industries and where more is needed, and the withdrawal is requested.

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