CAI injunction from judge and subsalt auctions happen today

After Justice grant on Thursday, 27, an injunction suspending the auction of pre-salt (2nd and 3rd rounds) predicted to happen this morning, there was a huge rush in various areas of Government to decide which way to go in pursuit of impeachment of judge's decision Ricardo Augusto de Sales, of the 3rd Civil Federal Court of the Federal Court of Amazonas.

However, this morning the Attorney General of the Union (AGU) appealed to the FEDERAL COURT of APPEAL (Federal Court of the 1st region) asking for the suspension of the effects of the injunction that prevented the realization of auctions.

After analysis, the FEDERAL COURT of APPEAL decided to suspend the decision of Judge Ricardo Augusto de Sales, thus enabling the subsalt auctions (2nd and 3rd rounds) happen today, 27 October.

There is a fight in court, however, it is known that some advocate holding the pre-salt auctions, while others don't want them to happen. It's up here to make sure that this is more a question that can be seen as that image where two people, each 1 1 end, look for the numeral 6 positioned horizontally (lying). One sees the number as 1 6, while the other sure to be up front with the number nine. In short: everything is a matter of side.

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