Public call of Gasbol suffers changes from ANP

The collegiate Board of the ANP (National agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels) decided to promote changes in the public call issued by the pipeline carrier Bolivia – Brazil S.A. (TBG) and coordinated by the ANP.

The amendments include: date of submission of the proposals, which went from 3 October to 21 October, revocation of the maximum reduction of 5% between the 2nd manifestation of interest and the final proposal and any participant who is enabled in the public call, You can now participate in the first stage of the guaranteed proposal and follow the process.

In addition, companies that are interested in participating in the public call for hiring capacity of Gasbol (pipeline that imports natural gas from Bolivia and serves the markets of the Midwest, Southeast and south of the country) will have five working days to Enter the competition.

Through the electronic address, the ANP will receive comments and suggestions about the changes until the day 04/10/2019.

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