Chamber approves allocation of funds from the onerous assignment

This week, the plenary of the House of Deputies approved the Draft law 5478/19, which defines the sharing of part of the resources of the Pre-salt auction, the onerous assignment, between States and municipalities. The matter will be Sent to the Senate.

The so-called "signature bonus" totals a value of R $ 106.56 billion. In addition, the extraction estimate of the block to be auctioned is 15 billion barrels of oil.

Of the total bonus, R $33.6 billion will remain with Petrobras According to the union. The remainder of R $72.9 billion will be broken 15% for states, 15% for municipalities and 3% for states Facing the continental shelf where the oil extraction takes place. The Other R $48.84 billion, equivalent to 67% of profits, remain with the union.

"The agreed agreement has served all regions of the country and is the Best for all Brazilian states. I reaffirm that no state has intended to Reduce resources from another state, "said Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), President of Camera.


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