Chamber debate electric power generation in the country

The Special Committee of the House of Deputies, created in August of this year to discuss the Brazilian code of electric Energy, if Will meet next Tuesday (8) to discuss the challenges of generating Energy in Brazil. The proposal is to unlock the energy sector in the field of production and distribution in all modes: oil, biomass, wind, photovoltaic and Other.

The debate meets the request of Mr Arnaldo Jardim (citizenship-SP). Garden highlights that the sector goes through a round table stage to decide the Directions to be taken. “The discussion around a Brazilian code of Electricity is not only necessary, as challenging, given the complexity of the sector and of the various actors and different visions involved, “he argues.

Were invited to the session the Director of relations Institutional of the Brazilian Association of Distributed generation, Heber Galarce; The president of the Brazilian Investor Association in self-production of Energy, Mário Luiz Menel da Cunha; The consultant of the Brazilian Association of Thermoelectric generators, Edmundo A. Pochmann da Silva and the president of the Executive Board of the Brazilian Small Central Association Hydroelectric plants, Paulo Arbex.

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