House votes MP privatization of Eletrobras today (21)

The House of Representatives should vote on Provisional Measure 1031/21, which deals with the privatization of Eletrobras, on Monday (21), at 15h. The item is the only one on the agenda of the House.

It is worth remembering that the MP loses its validity on Tuesday (22), at 23:59. Therefore, Members need to review and vote on the measure as soon as possible if they wish to approve the MP. The basic text of the Measure was approved last Thursday (17) by the Senate by 42 votes to 37, but underwent amendment, and so it was returned to the House.

It is also important to note that the MP was criticized by several industry experts, since the privatization of Eletrobras means giving up one of the most profitable companies in the country and delivering it to the private sector. In addition, the estimate is that the electricity bill will become even more expensive for the consumer.


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