House votes new gas bill that promises cheap energy

A new legal framework for the natural gas market will be voted this month by the House of Representatives, according to the Federal Government. The new legislation should reduce the price of gas for the industry from $13 to $6 million BTU (British thermal unit), and the cylinder from R$ 80 to R$ 60.

In addition, R$ 630 billion of investments are estimated and 1 million direct and indirect jobs within ten years with the new legal framework in force. The expectation is that there will be a "cheap energy shock" in the country, that will help the recovery of the economy after the pandemic. Estimates are from Special Secretariat for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness (Sepec) of the Ministry of Economy.

According to Mr Laércio Oliveira (PP-SE), rapporteur of the project, the initiative will help reindustrialise the country by promoting opening up the market so that the price of natural gas falls. "This project is the basic legislation for everything to happen. It will promote market opening for the price of natural gas to fall. And what does that mean? Two things. First, the decrease in the price of electricity, because part of the use fuel to generate electricity. And second, reindustrialization of the country, since gas is an important product to produce floor, plastic, glass, cleaning products, fertilizers and even medicines", explained Oliveira.


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