Electric cars Conquer Market space

Despite presenting some challenges, electric cars are increasingly signing up in the market and confirming the thesis of being the future of the automotive sector. Besides these, hybrid cars are also standing out in the market. There are prospects that electric and hybrid cars will receive tax incentives in Brazil.

Along with the trends of the autonomous, the connectivity and the sharing, the electric car can be the biggest change in the global automobile sector, becoming, still, the apex of the technology in the transport area.

On the way to this long road, the trend is that Brazil invests in the sector and promotes tax incentives for electric and hybrid cars. This investment would stimulate the manufacture of these vehicles in the national territory.

The high cost of cars powered by electricity is the biggest difficulty of its development in the sector – especially the battery – due to the high price of the technology, it still does not be produced on a high scale. In addition to manufacturing, another topic that should be evaluated is related to power generation for the charging of electric batteries, when there is a significant number of these cars circulating in the streets.

Although it is an excellent opening of doors for the economic and sustainable development of the country, Brazil lacks investments in areas of higher priority (education, health and public safety) than in the electrical sector. This factor creates even greater barriers to achieve these transformations in the national market.

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