CASES OF COVID-19 contamination already reach 1,754 in the P&G sector

According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), there are already 1,754 cases of workers confirmed with Covid-19 – already excluded those recovered. Of this total number of employees who are contaminated and quarantined, 806 work at Petrobras.  

The state-owned company said it had 330 positive cases of contaminated in its 46,416 own staff. Adding effective and outsourced employees, the oil company has a total of 151,539 employees. 

In a statement, Petrobras stressed efforts to address the pandemic and spoke about the testing of employees: "There were more than 6,300 tests performed, among employees, service providers and people who had contact with professionals with symptoms, whether in the home office or in face-to-face activity." 

So far, five deaths caused by the new coronavirus have been recorded, three of which were workers at Eletrobras, one from the National Mining Agency (ANM) and another from the Mineral Resources Research Company (CPRM). According to the ministry bulletin that tracks the evolution of the pandemic in the energy sector, 843 suspected cases were also counted. According to data from May 4, another 260 workers from companies and industry agencies were able to recover from Covid-19.