Cemig SIM and Mori beat 1000 solar power customers

More than 1000 companies and condominiums have joined the shared solar power generation of the Cemig SIM and Mori Energia partnership, and have already saved R$ 2.5 million. In addition, 4.6 tons of CO2 are no longer released into the atmosphere, contributing to the sustainability and economic development of Minas Gerais. The customer number 1000 of the companies is the Café, Emporium and Restaurant Casa Grão, which will have significant savings in the energy bill.

For the construction of the plants, Cemig SIM has partnered with Mori Energia. Together, the companies intend to deploy 32 solar photovoltaic plants in 17 cities in the state of Minas Gerais, equivalent to the supply of energy to 1.7 million homes.

According to Danilo Gusmão, CEO of Cemig SIM, the number of customers has grown rapidly due to product quality, service excellence and fully digital adherence: “We have our customers at the heart of decisions and work to provide solutions with efficient use of energy resources. Hiring is online and without bureaucracy,” gusmão said.

According to The CEO of Mori Energia, Bruno Shiraga, the solidity and reliability of this partnership is evident in the pioneering within the market. “We believe in Minas Gerais and that’s why we are investing R$ 650 million to offer differentiated solutions that strengthen the economy and benefit the environment,” he says.

Companies, condominiums and businesses that have an account above R$ 450.00 can adhere to the model. In addition, no investment, installation or works is necessary, because the energy is generated remotely in areas with more favorable solar radiation, in the north and northwest of Minas Gerais, and arrives through the distributor’s network, however, at a lower cost.


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