Unicamp's Petroleum Research Center will receive an investment of R $50 million

A new research center linked to oil (Cepetro) was opened at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) February this year. The institution won the tender created from the cooperation agreement made between the Research Support Foundation (FAPESP) and the Norwegian state Equinor, of the energy area. The project will inject R $25 million in the college in the first five years and the same value in the next quinquene.

According to information from the director of the Oil Study Center (cepetro), Denis Schiozer, the project aims to produce oil sustainably with innovative solutions in the disposal of CO2 (carbonic gas), which can be used in the increase of production of In addition to the sustainable use of water produced by the oil.

Cepetro has signed more than R $120 million in projects in the last year, in several areas of knowledge related to the oil and gas sector. There is also an agreement which provides for more R $25 million in the five years later.

Some activities have already begun in Cepetro, however, full functioning should take place in just over a year. The center has laboratories and involves 12 teachers in spaces to accommodate projects in the sector. Each teacher has the support of at least 60 people involved, including researchers and postgraduate students. The initiative is also positive for Unicamp, which predicts a budget deficit of R $169 million.

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