Centrica will increase gas production with an investment of 60 million pounds

The natural gas distribution company of England, Centrica, is investing £ 60 million to boost gas production in its operations of Morecambe Bay in northwestern England offshore. The project includes the renovation of two 5,000-ton rigs at sea from Eastern Ireland.

The work should begin this month and will increase the production of the fields that already produce enough gas to heat 1.5 million homes in the United Kingdom. Over the next nine months, the teams that work on a barge for accommodation jack-up will retire the equipment normally unmanned installations.

The project is expected to generate about 350 jobs supported in both offshore and onshore through whole of Centrica and its partners. Once completed, the campaign will unlock even more 3 billion cubic feet of gas under the sea in Eastern Ireland, simplifying the process required to reach the coast.

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