Chamber of Deputies to evaluate wind energy auctions project

It is to enter the agenda of the House of Deputies, the bill (PL 11247/2018), by Senator Fernando Collor (PTC/AL), which provides for the creation of auctions of wind or solar energy in the country. The proposal, which is in the Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development (CMADS), stimulates the deployment of wind farms in the water range at 12 miles (or 22 kilometers) of the coast and also in rivers and lakes.

In the document, approved by the Senate in December 2018, the monthly payment is proposed to the federal government, states and municipalities relating to the occupation of the area to be explored. The division would be: 45% of the resources would be destined to states and another 45% to the municipalities, the Ministry of the Environment would have 3%, same percentage destined to the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Another 4% would go to the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FNDCT), a research financier.

After being approved by the Committee on the Environment, the proposal will still need to pass through the Commission of Mines and Energy (CME), Finance and Taxation (CFT) and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship (CCJC). In the chamber, the text received other 63 projects as joined.

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