China one step from the sun

China, one of the most technologically advanced countries, has decided to initiate an unusual project, the creation of an artificial sun on the Earth's surface. The idea arose with the proposal to be a source of clean and self-sustaining energy. The reactor works as a kind of greenhouse, or cabin, 11 meters high and weighing 360 tonnes.

Using hydrogen fusion (as well as in the natural sun) and two extra neutrons subjected to very high electrical currents, the artificial sun begins to produce heat and energy. The best part is that this type of reaction does not pollutes, emits no type of gas and does not generate radioactive waste.

However, for this invention to be in fact productive and self-sustaining, it is necessary that it remains at the temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius for a considerable amount of time (so it produces more energy than it consumes). Little by little we are walking towards the greatest innovation of the energy matrix since the Industrial Revolution.

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