China and Japan differ on exploration in the Eastern Sea

After a protest from Japan, which claims sovereignty over the hydrocarbon-rich waters of the East China Sea, the Chinese Government deployed in defense of your natural gas and oil exploration in the area.

The Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi said that the exploratory operations in oil and gas deposits in the East China Sea are, arguably, in the maritime areas under Chinese sovereignty and that the supposed problem of a ' unilateral ' exploitation of China does not exist.

The discomfort between China and Japan started for that, earlier in the week, the Chinese have positioned their ships near the area that separates the Exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of the two countries. For years, the "neighbors" dispute the Islands (Senkaku/Diaoy) in the East China Sea.

The Japanese have the control of the area, but the Chinese claim to the site. In 2008, Beijing and Tokyo agreed to cooperate in exploiting oil and gas deposits, but the negotiations were suspended two years later.

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