China is ranked leader of countries investing in solar energy

In constant growth, the energy-generating alternative through heat and sunlight, is divided into photovoltaics (generates energy thermal power (generates thermal energy and is mainly used in the water heating). According to Nature Energy, china representing about 26% of the world’s solar energy facilities, is the largest consumer of photovoltaic solar energy, the type most indicated by not needing an environment with high radiation to run.

The country, in addition to being the largest manufacturer of solar panels and own the world’s largest power plant (located in the Tengger Desert), promised use 35% of non-fossil fuels in its electric matrix in order to contribute to the reduction of environmental commitment. Among the main companies in the industry are Suntech and Yingli. The solar energy sector is growing and we easily find some company that offers the service. According to the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (Absolar), the has the potential to generate 147,000 new jobs this year.

This renewable and non-polluting source has its costs increasingly especially if we think about long-term economics, which makes it even more attractive to the consumer. Its use is also beneficial for those who is seeking to reduce the use of coal, so that it contributes to reducing the air pollution. Another benefit is that any house “in the middle of nowhere” is able to receive this energy as long as it receives sunlight.

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