Chinese can do partnership with Petrobras in Comperj project

The Rio de Janeiro petrochemical complex must finally get out of the paper. A partnership of partnership between Petrobras and the Chinese CNPC is being sewn and, within a larger project development agreement together in Brazil and abroad, investment in the refinery fluminense would be trading.

Officially the Petrobras just reported that the Presidents of both companies signed in Beijing, China, a memorandum of understanding to launch negotiations for a strategic partnership. In this document, the companies undertake to evaluate together opportunities in Brazil and abroad in all segments of the oil and gas chain, including potential financing structuring.

According to the State, the implementation of partnerships is an important strategy of the business plan and management 2017-2021. However, sources close to the brazilian company, present at the meeting, reported that the resumption of Comperj is included in the business. The refinery has already cost US $ $13 billion, but was stopped still in the initial stage of works because of high debt and financial problems of Petrobras caused after allegations of corruption findings with the car wash Operation.

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