City becomes 100% supplied by natural gas

Located 363 kilometers west of Manaus, the city of Coari came to be fully supplied by natural gas. The change was consolidated earlier this year.

Previously, the municipality received and burned around 2,500 tons of liquid fuel per month. Now, the consumption of natural gas by pipeline that comes directly from a thermoelectric plant has been made. The commercial operation of the project generates energy for 100% of the municipality's population.

The Coari Thermal Power Plant was connected to the natural gas distribution network for testing of the generating units. With installed power of 38,772 kilowatts (kW) and electricity supply contract until November 30, 2030, the plant currently meets the city's average demand of 12,000 Kw, being sufficient to serve the more than 85,000 inhabitants of the municipality up to termination of the contract.