Clean energies are not affected by oil swings

It is known that the energy sector is one of the most polluting emits in the atmosphere. Therefore, it has become a matter of urgency for the adoption of renewable sources, which currently already represent 19% of the national electricity matrix. In addition, one of the biggest benefits we can find in the business is that they are no longer impacted by the price of oil. 

Recently, even with the abrupt fall in commodity prices, for renewable energy producers the situation has had no impact. "From a short- and medium-term perspective, the current oil crisis should not have direct impacts on the renewable energy sector in Brazil," Elbia Gannoum, president of the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (ABEEólica), told Exame magazine. 

Despite the many challenges that still pass the renewable sector, the fact that it is produced locally and does not suffer from any exchange rate fluctuation, is one of the great assets that the generation of clean energy can bring. Apparently, only a drastic and lasting drop could affect investments in the


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