CNG price in Minas Gerais is frozen for 90 days

The Minas Gerais Gas Company (Gasmig) froze the price of vehicular natural gas (CNG) for a period of 90 days. The announcement was made by the company earlier this month.

According to Gasmig, the initiative will encourage drivers facing recent increases in fuel prices to use a cheaper fuel option and benefit those who are already consumers. To exemplify, the driver who supplies R $ 50 in CNG travels about 200 km currently. With the gasoline, it only reaches 96 km, and with ethanol, at most 90 km.

Also according to Gasmig, about 30,000 vehicles with CNG are already circulating in the city of Belo Horizonte today. The number already demonstrates the behavioral change of drivers looking for an alternative option and more in charge of fuel, and with the new initiative to freeze, the expectation is that this brand will grow even more.


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