With POS, Petrobras predicts a return of R$ 18 billion

On the night of Last Thursday (2), Petrobras said it estimates an "additional return" of about R $ 18 billion by 2025 with the departures of 10,082 employees enrolled in voluntary shutdown programs (PDVs) or encouraged retirements (PAI).

In a recent interview, Petrobras President Roberto Castello Branco had already spoken about the number of enrolled in the resignation programs, but did not provide details of the costs and returns that will be obtained. 

For the state, the return is based on the avoided cost of personnel of R$ 22 billion minus the disbursement with indemnities, valued at 4 billion reais. The company also foresees a reduction in personnel costs by 2025 of around R$ 4 billion per year with the departure of more than 10,000 enrolled in the programs, a figure that represents 22% of the current workforce.

"It should be noted that the expected impact of indemnities on the company's cash will not be immediate in 2020, but diluted over the next three years. This is because, in the POS 2019, there are categories with expected output in up to 24 months, which will dilute the shutdowns in time," Petrobras said in a statement. "In addition, the company chose to defer the payment of indemnities in two installments, one at the time of termination and the other in July 2021 or one year after the shutdown, whichever is greater."


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