Brazil will fuel any significance foreign investment to Brazil

Last February 20, the Ministry of Mines and Energy launched the "Brazil Fuel". The project has two main axes: the redesign of the port infrastructure and encouraging investment in refining. For the lawyer Ricardo Magro, representing the interests of the Manguinhos Refinery, the "Brazil Fuel" brings significant advances to the Brazilian economy.

"This change of Petrobras practices culminated in the government plan will certainly bring substantial investment to Brazil, long-term investments that will be accompanied by job creation and generation of greater competitiveness, which will generate the medium term the fall in fuel prices for the consumer, "says Ricardo Magro.

Ricardo Magro also noted that this situation was possible only after the change of Petrobras practices, which have long sold their derivatives subsidized form.

For the purpose of this policy, he added Ricardo Magro, created a favorable climate for new investments. The new management of Petrobras also contributed positively to the improvement of the business environment.

The "Fuel Brazil" has moved the market. It is speculated interest from major international players in the opportunities that are emerging in the coming months. The Manguinhos Refinery is one of the assets that may interest these new players.

In the recent past, the issue that most moved the oil and derivatives segment was the pre-salt, but today that has changed.

Since mid-2014, the ANP, in its strategic studies, comes punctuating the Brazilian infrastructure bottleneck for the segment is in the refining or the port issue for receiving imported products.

It seems that now the federal government focused on the real problem, which if not overcome in the medium term could lead to a real obstacle to recovery of the Brazilian economy.

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