Fuels: fraud causes loss of R $ 23 billion per year

According to the Instituto Combustível Legal (ICL), operational fraud grew 4% in Brazil, from April to July 2020, compared to December 2019 to March 2020. Due to illegalities, the fuel market loses almost R$ 23 billion per year. The figure of R$ 7.2 billion in tax evasion is known, but there is r$ 15.7 billion in quantitative fraud, with adulterated, qualitative pumps and mixtures outside the standard. 

"The first line of action is against tax fraud. There are R$ 7.2 billion of tax evasion and delinquency. In ethanol, there is the possibility of collecting half of the tax on distribution, which causes loss of efficiency in the collection", said the director of ICL, Carlo Faccio, in an interview with Correio Braziliense. 

In addition, the sector is still hampered by operational fraud, which is responsible for even greater annual losses. Faccio recalls that there are two major scams. "In quantity, when the pump is adulterated (serves less than it shows), and in quality, with mixtures out of compliance, with alcohol with more water, methane and even naphtha in gasoline," he says.

Other common crimes are cargo theft and interception of fuel in pipelines. "Rio de Janeiro has several pipelines that pass through the North Zone. There are signs stating that at a depth of three meters there are ducts. That's an invitation to the bad guys. No for nothing, in 2019, there were 268 perforations. By 2020, there are already more than 200. If there is leakage, the product is highly explosive," warned the Director of the ICL.


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