General shall request that Temer review local content rules

According to Panorama Offshore has disclosed, the question of the percentage of local content for oil and gas in Brazil still has caused enough controversy. At a meeting held on Thursday, the House of Representatives, the general committee set up to discuss the rules agreed to request a meeting with President Michel Temer, in order to review the changes promoted by the government.

In February, the government cut by 50% local content requirement of the largest oil fields to be auctioned from this year. They were also formed basis for creation of a background that will enable the national industry in order to compete with the foreign provider for oil.

According to deputies, the government's decision to reduce the percentage of the domestic industry participation in the sector can generate unemployment in states living from oil exploration, as well as in places where the shipbuilding industry support plays an important role in the area. Lawmakers expect the meeting with the president is scheduled as soon as possible.

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