Committee will discuss fuels market

It was published in the Official Gazette, by the National Council of energy policy (CNPE), the resolution establishes strategic guidelines for development of the market of fuels and other petroleum products in the country, in order to support a proposal of measures that contribute to ensuring the national supply.

The idea is to provide a basis for legal changes that provide a reliable environment for attracting private sector investments and Petrobras also in refining sector. The resolution creates the Technical Committee still integrated into the sector, which must assess the implementation of the proposals made on the subject in Brazil Fuel "-program of the Ministry of mines and energy (MME)-through legal action or infralegais, according to the need.

In addition to MME, will be part of the Group of the Committee Staff, the partnership investment Programme (MIP), Ministry of finance, Ministry of environment, Ministry of planning, Ministry of transport, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of industry, Trade and services, the national agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP), energy research company (EPE) and Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade).

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