Commodities rise 6.2%

Commodity prices, primary products with international listing, surged in November. The index of Commodities Brazil (IC-Br), calculated monthly by the Central Bank (BC), presented high of 6.22% in November compared to October of this year. In the 12 months ended in November, the index recorded a 3.99% drop and YTD, retraction of 5.20%.

The IC-Br is calculated based on the variation in real prices of primary products (commodities) Brazilians traded abroad. The Central Bank says the products that are relevant to the dynamics of consumer prices in Brazil.

Last month, the energy (oil, natural gas and coal) recorded high of 2.15%, while the metals (aluminum, iron ore, copper, Tin, zinc, lead and nickel) rose 14.14%.

The agricultural segment (beef, cotton, soybean oil, wheat, sugar, corn, coffee, rice and pork) recorded high of 4.97%.

The international commodity price index CRB, calculated by Commodity Research Bureau, surged to 7.58 percent in November and fall of 5.67% in 12 months.