Chinese companies target Brazilian energy market

It seems that Chinese companies have shown increasing interest in the electricity market in Brazil. Currently, manufacturers in the Western country are the main suppliers of equipment in the Brazilian solar industry. 

This is the case of Chinese giant Huawei, which according to Reuters, is advancing rapidly in Brazil's solar energy sector and already leads the supply of solar inverters, equipment that receives power from the panels. Currently, the company already has 30% of this market in Brazil.

According to a company executive, Huawei is now preparing to launch electric batteries that can be associated with photovoltaic generation systems.

"This sector is still very small in relation to the total market, if we talk in terms of energy matrix the solar part represents less than 2%. So we think the solar industry really has a very bright future in Brazil. And in addition Brazil has a very good resource compared to any country in the world, sun, irradiation", said The Director of Digital Energy Business of Huawei Brazil, Quanling Wang.


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