Companies contribute to energy transition

One of the main objectives of the energy transition is to make changes in the electricity sector, placing renewable sources as the main producers of energy and defining consumption measures for a lower environmental impact.

Several organizations already do this, for example, by exchanging the use of fossil fuels for renewable sources. However, decarbonization goes much further. Technology has been a great ally in this movement: in addition to expanding the possibility of companies using energy intelligently and consciously, it reduces environmental impacts and costs with the electricity bill. 

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable sources is not just an action that leaves the company free of carbon emissions, but multiple innovations that, when combined, generate environmental benefits and bring more efficiency to the company’s operations. Thus, the management of a large company must have support to implement devices to control the consumption and cost of energy resources.

For example, make the exchange of lamps, machines and other equipment more efficient than those used at the moment, as well as perform the maintenance or exchange of equipment used in everyday life. In addition, opting for a newer model of the same equipment can result in superior performance in production, saving energy, financial and environmental resources over time.


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