Entrepreneurs show concern about energy crisis

Depending not only on the measures taken by the government to be accepted, but also on the rains, entrepreneurs have appeared insecure when it comes to economic return. With the small, however, existing chances of an energy rationing resulting from the current water crisis, uncertainties about the subject and its consequences grow not only for these years, but also for 2022. Entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises fear they will not be able to afford the production levels that have become higher as energy rates rise.

According to the evaluation of Luiz Ribeiro, Director General of Latin America at Fluke do Brasil, Brazil needs to reinvent itself so that small and medium-sized companies do not close or stop their operations. "In case of energy rationing, eight out of 10 of these companies would have losses, and in 48% of them, the expenditure would be considered high. Only 20% would not be harmed, exactly because they used another energy source on the production line, not depending on hydroelectric power", he explains.

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