Companies combine efforts to consult compliance programs in the south of the country

M. Stortti and Thompson Act in anti-corruption culture as a mechanism for public and business management

The Anti-Corruption Act (law 12.846/2013) and other norms that already deal with bidding crimes with public bodies, as well as the concern of state governments such as Rio Grande do Sul, which has projects in the area of combating corruption, requires private companies to Implementation of compliance programmes with the purpose of administrative transparency. The scenario boosts the investment of consultancy specialists in the theme, also in the south of the country. The demand united the group M. Stortti and Thompson Transition Management in a partnership that offers the business community Gaucho and Santa Catarina the development of consultancy applied to the theme.

According to the director of M. Stortti, Maurenio Stortti, the Compliance program is a management tool for the set of procedures adopted by a company aiming to detect, prevent and combat fraud and violations of applicable laws and regulations To their activities, ensuring the observation of their values and standards of conduct. "Each company is a company, and each compliance program is unique because it deals with the individual culture of the Organization," he explains.

In partnership, M. Stortti operates by means of its legal unit, M. Stortti Advogados. The legal advisory allied to Thompson's international expertise for more than 500 projects ensures the ability to develop successful strategies with organizational performances and more effective action taken through operational excellence.

About Companies

In Brazil, Thompson has been operating for 20 years, one of the most recognized consulting firms in the world. It belongs to WIL Group, an international network offering global solutions for interim management and transformation for customers worldwide. In Brazil, Thompson is the arm of the group. It has a range of tools and methods of management with differentiated solutions for each moment of the client company.

The M. Stortti Group operates in Brazil since 1987. It is a company focused on the creation of winning business strategies and capable of stimulating the competitiveness of its customers, guaranteeing them better results.  One of its units is M. Stortti Advogados that provides law services, consultancy and legal advice for public, private companies, mixed-economy societies, municipalities, foundations and development of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.


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