Entrepreneurs fear rationing of resources

Although the government is seeking alternatives to the water crisis (such as increasing energy imports from neighboring countries and triggering thermoelectric plants to save hydroelectric plants), according to a recent cni (National Confederation of Industry) survey, there has been an increase in the number of entrepreneurs who fear for water and energy rationing.  

They believe that with the scarcity of rain, resource rationing is getting closer and closer to happening. With this, some companies are already thinking about measures, such as changing opening hours to avoid use during peak hours. However, as a solution to lower production costs and thus avoid further injury, many business leaders have opted for renewable energy sources to be cheaper.  

The concern shown by entrepreneurs would be with the possible shock that this would cause in the middle of a moment of economic recovery and with the increase in the cost of production, since most believe that the energy would suffer a new adjustment with this.

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