Companies launch solar-powered pivot

A month after Valmont Industries acquired Solbras, the companies announced that tests for the launch of a solar-powered central pivot have already been finalized and approved. The innovation aims to expand the irrigated areas in the world, enabling the use of technology in places without access to the electricity g

rid. The pilot was implemented in Minas Gerais, where a photovoltaic plant was installed for testing. With a power of 128 kWp, the system feeds a pivot capable of irrigating 96.4 hectares for an average of 6 to 8 hour

s/day.” We are presenting the fruit of a bold work of the two companies. After all, the power involved in the pivot drive is high and the solar source is intermittent, which could make the pivot operation a little unstable. However, the correct sizing of the system made the pivot deliver all the parameters required for irrigation”, said Solbras Operations Director Fábio Mucin.The novelt

y should be used in places where diesel logistics is difficult and expensive, since conjugation with other alternative energy sources can be a good option to allow the constancy of irrigation.


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