Company terminates contract with Petrobras and dismisses 1200 workers

Qualiman — an industrial engineering and assembly company that worked in a construction at the Abreu e Lima (rnest) refinery in Pernambuco — suspended a contract with Petrobras. The company responsible for the works argued that the cause of the termination is due to the breach of contractual agreements by the State, which resulted in a loss of more than R $100 million. After decision, about 1200 employees were dismissed.

In a statement, contrary to Qualiman's statements, Petrobras communicated that it was aware of the contractual termination, clarified that all the requirements and obligations with the company were fulfilled and that it is taking the appropriate measures and evaluating alternatives for the resumption of the activities.

In addition to the impasse for the progress of the works, the contractual termination generated at the shutdown of 1200 workers who entered the unemployment rate in the country — which already exceeds more than 13 million unemployed Brazilians. According to former, no clarification was provided regarding the payment of the 13th salary and the holidays.

Qualiman worked on the construction of the refinery's Emission Abatement Unit (Snox), which was previously under the responsibility of Alumini Engenharia, which suspended the contract with Petrobras in 2015.

The Abreu e Lima Refinery (Rnest) began operations in 2014, with the first set of units (train I). It has production capacity of up to 230,000 barrels of oil per day, and has the highest conversion rate of crude oil in diesel (70%) of Brazil.

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