Comperj can turn thermoelectric

The petrochemicals complex of Rio de Janeiro can become a thermoelectric. The information is from O Globo newspaper with confirmation of economic value. Petrobras has given up its implementation of a petrochemical plant in the Comperj, in Itaboraí (RJ), and is studying to transform the project into thermoelectric, especially because of the company's pretension to dispose of 50% of its refineries.

In the management of the former President of the state, Pedro Parente, Petrobras came to establish an agreement with the Chinese CNPC to study the possibility of resumption of the project of the Comperj refinery. However, the current representative Roberto Castello Branco, decided to revise the business model and sell the company's refining Park, ending the hypothesis of building a refinery on site.

The idea of thermoelectric is that the site uses the pre-salt gas for power generation. In space, a Natural gas processing unit (UPGN) is already under construction. There is no information on the installed capacity of the thermoelectric or the investment forecast.

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