Competitions in the oil sector should reactivate the economy in 2019

Amid the restoration of the economic crisis in Brazil, the expectations for the labor market in the onshore and offshore sectors continue to be high. And to move the economy, it is ideal to invest in job creation that provides long-term financial stability to workers. That's exactly what the public tenders establish. The forecast is that in 2019 public companies invest in hiring workers again.

Among the main companies that should open new doors to the labor market, are Petrobras, ANP, Transpetro and EPE (Energy research company), linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

Job creation is one of the main points for the economic development of a country that is in stagnation. As well as the long process of production and extraction, should also be the opening movement of vacancies in the public tender. The prospect of a reconstruction of the national economy exudes optimism.

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