Panorama's differentiated communication promotes business in the offshore sector

The offshore Panorama has been seeking different ways to leverage the strategic communication of organizations in the offshore sector, through a highly informative portal, containing relevant and reliable news, which helps companies to promote their business in the sector of energy, offshore, onshore, oil and gas.

Having the understanding that new technological tools are important for the spread of information in this new century, the Panorama beyond offering differentiated information about the offshore and onshore world in its portal, also has three products that assist in the dissemination of Information and further enhance communication system, are the newsletters "three Tuesday" and "Panorama reserved", in addition to the video journalistic program "Panorama in the Air".

The "Three Tuesday" is a "Live" bulletin, online, which every Tuesday is sent to the email of the users registered on the Panorama website ( and contains three relevant news of the day. The "Reserved Panorama" is a differentiated newsletter, which contains numerous analyses and comments on the main news linked to the Offshore Panorama portal linked to the oil, gas and energy market, which is shipped every Thursday.

The other product of the Offshore Panorama, the "Panorama in the Air", is a different and irreverent journalistic program. Recorded weekly on video and having about 40 seconds, the program informs in an attractive way the three main news links on the portal during the week. This way it gets easier, faster and more dynamic to get information about the offshore market. The video is available at the Portal: Https:// and also via the YouTube channel: Https://

So if you want differentiated and reliable details about the market continue interacting with the Offshore Panorama. The portal is the ideal tool for those who need quality information about oil, gas, biofuels, energies and offshore. Remember, your business goes through here! Check out: and


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