World oil Congress presents good expectations for the sector

With the goal of fostering the debate on the main issues of the oil and gas industry, in addition to presenting news and studies on the industry, took place the 22nd World oil Congress, in July, in Istanbul (Turkey). In the event, there was also a separate technical programming by blocks: exploration and production of oil and gas; refining, marketing and transportation; natural gas processing, transportation and markets; sustainable management of the industry.

At the time, the International Energy Agency (IEA) presented your annual report on world investment in energy. According to the document, the oil and gas industry is making a major change in the way it operates. Global investments in oil and gas fields will likely recover modestly this year, due to a sharp increase in spending of shale producers in the United States.

Yet at the Conference, the President of the World Petroleum Council, Jozsef Laszlo Toth, said that the challenges in the oil sector have grown as the world population is increasing.

The Conference is organized every three years by the World Petroleum Council and includes 65 member countries from around the world, representing more than 96% of production and world consumption of oil and gas. All editions come with about of 20000 participants, including high-level executives, representatives of international organizations and Government leaders from more than 100 countries.

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