Consortium hits Sustainable Electric Project

A consortium consisting of the wholly owned subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine (O & M), Keppel FEELS Limited, and Aibel AS, obtained a contract with the transmission system Operator TenneT Offshore GmbH, which establishes the construction, installation and commissioning of Onshore and offshore converting stations in Germany.

With expected completion for 2024, the sustainable project will receive energy from three offshore wind farms and can convert high voltage alternating current (HVAC) into high voltage direct current (HVDC), before forwarding it to the converter station Onshore by means of submarine cables. The Onshore Converter station will convert the HDVC back to HVAC and transmit it to the network.

The offshore Converter station is a gravity-based structure of 900MV, which will be located approximately 130 km from the onshore Converter Station and provide network connection to offshore wind mills to transmit electricity to approximately one Million German residences.

“This is the first major project of Keppel O & M of this scale and extends our history in support of the renewable energy industry. We see opportunities in this segment as the offshore renewable market should increase meaningfially. With increasing concerns about climate change, Keppel O & M is able to leverage our offshore energy infrastructure expertise to deliver customised, high-quality solutions across the offshore wind farm value chain, “said the CEO of Keppel O & M, Chris Ong.

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