Navegantes Consortium wins Port of Victory bid

Integrated by Petrobras Distribuidora, Ipiranga and Raízen, the Navegantes Consortium won the bid for the purchase of the VIX-30 lot in the Port of Vitória (ES). The area has the function of moving and storing liquid bulk. The on-site operations, which have a size of 74,156 square meters, will start at 2022.

The lot was taken up by the grant value of R $165 million and the companies involved will have a 33.3% share each and 25 year contract, which can be renewed successively up to the limit of 70 years. The operations will be carried out by a Specific Purpose Company (SPE). The Initial storage capacity of the area is 65,725 cubic meters of fuel.

According to the announcement, companies must undertake to contribute to the logistic efficiency of fuel distribution in the Country. Follow The most important news about the oil, gas, energy, petrol, fuel, Petrobras, economy, onshore and offshore markets in the Panorama Offshore portal. Remember, your business comes through here! Check it out at:, and Instagram @panoramaoffshore.


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