Consortium receives approval to buy Eletrobras in Amazonas

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) authorized the purchase of the state energy distributor, Eletrobras Amazonas, for the consortium between the companies Oliveira Energia and Atem's Distribuidora de Petróleo. The same consortium had already acquired Eletrobras distributor in Roraima, Boa Vista Energia, privatized at auction at the end of August 2018.

The purchase of Amazonas Energia was in the crosshairs of the Gopower power generators rental company in Cade. The concern of the Organization was with the competition in its market, since Oliveira Energia operates with the thermoelectric generation in the north of the country. But after analysis the result was that the "eventual attempted abuse of the dominant position… Would be readily barred by the regulation of the sector in force, "the purchase is permitted. Thus, another active of Eletrobras goes to the private market.

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