Civil Construction: Energy reduction PL is accepted

The Committee on Regional Development and Tourism (CDR) of the The Federal Senate recently approved the 284/2018 (Senate bill), created By Senator Rose de Freitas (we Can-ES). The proposal seeks to adopt practices For the generation of electrical energy in the Civil construction sector. According to the parliamentary, there are already affordable options for the implementation of Proposal. The next step is to send the text to the House of Deputies.

However, Senator Jaques Wagner (PT-BA) of the Commission of Services Infrastructure (CI) changed the Understanding that energy efficiency and consumption reduction are actions that are More important than power generation by itself. In this way, it was including encouraging the use of operating systems that aim to conserve and Rationalize the use of electric energy in constructions through subsidies Technological. The new rule covers ground installments and also buildings Urban.

Wagner claims that the project advances in the direction of Could call it "sustainable cities" with a stimulus to reduce the consumption of Energy (for example, the use of natural lighting) or the use of Own generation systems.

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